This Career Tip From Ciara Applies To Every Industry

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On a scale of 1 to 10, where does your confidence level fall? If your answer is six or less, you could be sabotaging your career.

Earlier this year, a study conducted by Head & Shoulders revealed that 50 percent of women believe that they would be further along in their careers if they had more self-confidence. And in a recent interview, pop singer Ciara expressed similar sentiments, explaining that developing confidence in one’s self is the only way to make it.

“I also know that the only way you can really survive in this world is by being confident,” the 30-year-old told Allure magazine. “It’s a true reality for me, especially having a child. I have to be confident not only for myself, but for him, too. Confidence is key to survival.’”

Her statement couldn’t be truer. The very same study revealed that 24 percent of women do not have the confidence to highlight the things they’ve done well—even worse, 17 percent reported not being sure enough of themselves to seek promotions or raises.

“We’re notoriously bad at holding ourselves back,” said Amanda Bolt, Managing Director of Boardroom Mum. “We don’t push ourselves for that promotion or put ourselves forward for it. We don’t ask for that pay rise — men are much better at that. More men are applying for jobs; we perhaps look at the job description and then only focus on the one or two that we can’t do.”

“Women have to stand up and be counted,” she added. “We have to just have a go, be confident and not shy away from asking for those pay increases, appraisals and be prepared to have awkward conversations.”

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