Why You Should Absolutely Be Taking Midmorning Breaks


Most 9-5ers believe that they should power work from the moment they enter the office in the mornings until their lunch breaks after 12 p.m. However, science now suggests that this is not the best way to maximize productivity, Men’s Health reports.

New research from Baylor University revealed that employees who took a midmorning break before lunch were more likely to return to work feeling more focused, energized and generally happier than those who waited until later in the day to take their breaks. Even better, midmorning breakers were less likely to suffer from work-related ailments like lower back pain, eyestrain, and headaches.

The study also revealed that if employees used their break time to do anything that resembled work, such as paying bills or scheduling appointments, the downtime would lose its effectiveness. Instead, you should opt to do things that you find to be enjoyable like checking Facebook or reading a few pages from that new novel you recently picked up from the local bookstore.

“We think midmorning breaks are more helpful because it’s easier to replenish your energy early in the day when your concentration and motivation is higher than trying to replenish when you feel much more depleted and tired,” said Emily Hunter, Ph.D., who authored the study.

So reconsider the next time you feel tempted to sacrifice your morning break for productivity’s sake—your decision may be doing more harm than good.

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